Mine: Copper Falls Mine, Eagle Harbor, MI

Began → Copper Falls Mine → Closed

From: 1846

Owned by: Copper Falls Co.

Produced: Copper Ore

Method: Underground shafts and adits.

Railroad connection: None known.

Stamp Mill/Smelter: a 24-stamp mill was located onsite.

Until: 1901

Lifetime Production: 

South of Eagle Harbor. This mine was created in 1845 but was not immediatly successful. the Copper Falls Company began working it again in the 1850's, creating a townsite with 25 ouses and two boarding houses, an office, sawmill and other shops. The mine had seven (7) shafts and several adits, one 2,350 and one over 6,000 feet, both driven into the mine from the lower hillside.

The mine operated until 1901. In 1874 it suffered a stope collapse which killed seven miners. In 1878, the mine was closed temporarily due to a fire.