Location: Clark Mine, Copper Harbor, MI 

Began → Clark Mine → Became

From: 1853 (Mine operated sporadically)

Owned by: Clark Mining Co., others (see below)

Produced: Copper Ore

Method: Underground (8 shafts) and adits (3).

Railroad connection:

Stamp Mill/Smelter:

Until: 1901

Lifetime Production: 

An underground copper mine consisting of eight shafts and three adits located southeast of Copper Harbor. The Clark Mining Company was organized in 1853 and worked a small vein of copper. Work was suspended in 1854 and in 1855, the Societe Francoise des Mines des Cuivres Natif du Lac Superior purchased the property. In 1857, the property was again sold to the French Copper Mining Co. and was combined with the Bell Mining Co. Work was sporadic or done under tribute until 1901, when all work ceased. In 1942, the property was deeded to the Calumet & Hecla Consolidated Mining Co.

The mine piles at Clark yield very fine specimens of datolite, prehnite, cuprite, and analcime. The East Vein, about 1 mile north of Clark Mine proper, has also been a favorite for datolite and prehnite. [MINDAT]