Mine: Winona Mine, Winona, MI

Began → Winona Mine → Closed

From: 1865

Owned by: Winona Mining Company, then Winona Copper Co. in 1898.

Produced: Copper ore

Method: Shaft mining.

Railroad connection: Copper Range railroad branch.

Until: 1920

Lifetime Production: 17.6 millio lbs. of refined copper.

Winona Mine was located on the west edge of Houghton County near Ontonagon County. The mine was established by the Winona Mining Company around 1865 and was reached by a branch line off the Copper Range railroad.

An underground copper mine consisting of four shafts located in the town of Winona, south of Houghton. The Winona Mining Co. was organized in 1864. The company reorganized as the Winona Copper Co. in 1898. In 1911, the company absorbed the King Philip Mining Co., located adjacent to the Winona Mine. In 1920, the mine closed permanently. The mine produced approx. 17.6 million lbs. of refined copper. Copper, silver, and datolite can be found in the mine piles. [WINDAT]

August 30, 1910. Shipping rock for streets. The Winona Mine will ship trap rock to the village of Crystal Falls for the purpose of building streets there. The rock will be loaded in Copper Range railroad cars which will be transferred to the Milwakee Road for delivery to Crystal Falls. Over 5,000 yards of rock will be transported. [CN-1910-0830]