Mine: Tamarack Mine, Calumet, MI

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From: 1882

Owned by: Tamarack Mining Company

Produced: Iron Ore

Method: Underground mine shafts.

Railroad connection: DSS&A.

Stamp Mill/Smelter:


Lifetime Production: 

The Tamarack Mining Company was organized in 1882 by Bigelow and Clark, the owners of the Osceola Mine. It became a major producer, peaking about 1899. It continued to produce over 13 million pounds as of 1909. The mine was unusual because all of its shafts were sunk vertically. Most other mines used inclined shafts excclusively until 1900.

Shaft No. 4 had a steel headfeme with a sheet metal exterior. It stood 40' tall and 10x20'. It was primarily used to deliver supplies to the underground workings. [UPM]

The min has five shafts.

The Tamarack Mine was started by Osceola Mining Company interests in 1882. It was a major copper ore producer with outpeaking about 1899. The mine had five shafts, all of which were sunk vertically, compared with most other mines which had inclined shafrts. The Tamarack Junior mine had two additional vertical shafts). This mine was located off M-203 in Tamarack, 2,500' northwest of downtown Red Jacket (Calumet). [UPM]

See also North Tamarack Mine and Tamarach Junior Mine.

The company, along with the Osceola Mining company announced plans to build a new coal and merchandise dock at Dollar Bay. The new dock will entail a longer rail haul to the mines, but will save charges of 10 to 50 cents a ton now made by the Calumet & Hecla Co. through the Torch Lake Canal on all cargoes going to Lake Linden. [RG-1895]