Mine: Acadian Mine, Ripley, MI

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Owned by: Arcadian Mining Co (1864), then Arcadian Copper Co. (1898)

Produced: Copper Ore

Method: Underground shafts, adits

Railroad connection:

Stamp Mill/Smelter:

Until: 1903 (Two more attempts in 1909 and 1920)

Lifetime Production: 

An underground copper mine consisting of seven shafts and two adits near Ripley. The original Arcadian Mining Co. was organized in 1864, then reorganized as the Arcadian Copper Co. in 1898 after the consolidation of the Edwards, Douglas, Concord, Highland, St. Mary's, and Arcadian mines. After it was determined that mineralization was too erratic to make a profit, as well as falling copper prices, the mine closed permanently in 1903. Two more attempts were made at mining in the location in 1909 and 1920, but both were unsucessful. The specimens that can be found here include copper wires, datolite, and prehnite. [MINDAT]