Mine: Centennial Mine, Calumet, MI

Schoolcraft Mine → Centenial Mine → Closed (C&H)

From: 1863

Owned by: Centennial Mining Compay in 1876, then Centennial Copper Co. in 1896, later C&H control.

Produced: Copper Ore

Method: Shafts (7)

Railroad connection:

Stamp Mill/Smelter: Arcadian Mill

Until: 1930's depression. Later until 1966.

Lifetime Production: 

Bankrupt in 1873. Reopened in 1876 as Centenial Mine.

Seven shafts over time. No. 2 was most productive.

No. 2 continued until 1966 when closed by C&H. [CCE]

An underground copper mine consisting of 7 incline shafts near the community of Centennial, just north of Calumet. The Schoolcraft Mining Co. was organized in 1863 and worked the Calumet Conglomerate in a small scale operation until it went bankrupt in 1873. In 1876, the Centennial Mining Co. organized on the previously owned Schoolcraft property and worked the Osceola Amygdaloid until 1896, at which time the company re-organized as the Centennial Copper Co. Work was discontinued on the Calumet Conglomerate and the Osceola Amygdaloid and two new incline shafts were driven on the Kearsarge Amygdaloid. In 1923, Calumet and Hecla took control of the mine and operated it until 1931 when it closed. In 1944, shaft #2 was reopened and operated until 1966 when the mine closed for good. Before C&H took control, the Centennial Mine produced approximately 37 million lbs. of refined copper. [MINDAT]