MCRR Saginaw River Bridge 1970s [Dale Berry]MCRR Saginaw River Bridge 1983 [Jim Slater]

Location: Saginaw River Bridge, Bay City, MI - (H&E)

This bridge, currently used by the Huron & Eastern Railroad, traverses the Saginaw River in downtown Saginaw. The bridge is a through truss movable swing bridge with a center pier.  It has 1 226 foot main span and 6 approach spans for a total length of 551 feet and was built for the Michigan Central railroad.

The bridge was built by the Wisconsin Bridge and Iron Company in 1914 according to  

Photo credits:  Top (1970's) Dale Berry, Bottom (1983) Jim Slater

This is a fixed through truss bridge which swings in the center.  It was built about 1905.  According to, the bridge is 245 feet long with a structural length of 660 feet.  It has three approach spans and one main span.  It was rehabilitated in 1925..