Interlocking: Main Street Tower, Bay City, MI

Main Street Tower was the crossing of the Michigan Central Saginaw to Bay City main line, with the Grand Trunk Western Saginaw-Bay City line.

As the TS&M (GTW) line via Saginaw approached Bay City on the west shore of the Saginaw River, this location near the current intersection of Henry Street and Main Street was a point where the line branched east across the river to the GTW's depot in downtown Saginaw. The GTW line then turned north, crossed the Michigan Central here, and reaching their West Bay City depot and freight house, then proceeding across Hart Street to a resort at Wenona Beach on Saginaw Bay. As of 1941, the line to downtown Bay City was still in place.

In 1889, the MC main line was double tracked at this location with the TS&M single track. The interlocking plant in the tower had 9 working levers and was of US&S design.

In 1962, the southbound MC main line was removed, reverting to single track.

The crossing/tower was located in the West Bay City area near "Main Street". At this location, the GTW also branched to the east, across the Saginaw River to their downtown station in (east) Bay City.