Interlocking: North Bay City Tower, MI

North Bay City was an interlocked crossing of the Detroit & Mackinac railway main line and several branch lines. The MC Hecla Branch (between Wenona and Hecla Portland Cement) crossed, as did the GTW line from West Bay City to Oa-At-Ka Beach. The Pere Marquette line from Foss (via the D&M) branched off here to the west and on to Tower 12 and a PM coal mine about 6 miles west of Wenona.

This crossing had a series of changing protection and control. Originally a stop and proceed operation, it then received a full interlocking with tower. This was later downgraded over the years to half interlockers, ground levers, and then back to stop and proceed before all of the crossings were removed.

The D&M North Bay City offices were located near this crossing. The building continues to exist and is used by the Straits Corporation for their lumber operations. D&M's North Bay City Yard began just north of this crossing, and their wye and drawbridge was just south. The Dow Chemical Company built plastic manufacturing facilities northwest and northeast of the crossing.