Interlocking:  Nichols Tower, Battle Creek, MI

Nichols TowerNichols & Shepard CompanyNichols Interlocking MapNichols Interlocking Tower controlled the crossing of the Michigan Central's main line with the Grand Trunk Western main line on the east side of Battle Creek. This was originally a "strong-arm" type of interlocking which controlled derails, locks, switches, and the crossing direction itself. Nichols was a busy crossing, but became remotely controlled in the 1980's when the MC and GTW main lines were consolidated on the GTW through downtown. Nichols is now a junction point.

Photo/map info/credit: Top, Nichols tower at the crossing of the MC and GTW. The interlocking and crossing was eliminated in the 1980's when the NYC was rerouted over the GTW through town to eliminate downtown congestion. This photo was taken in 1975. [Charlie Whipp] Below, a broad view of the Nichols & Shepard Company with the interlocking tower in the foreground. [Mark Worrall Collection] Bottom map, transcribed from the interlocker file maps at the State of Michigan Archivs, c. 1905. [Dale Berry]