Station:  Homer, MI

Lake Shore Homer DepotHomer Railroad MapHomer is a village in southeast Calhoun County which was settled in 1832. It became a village in 1871. [MPN] Homer was home to three railroads, which crossed at Homer Interlocking tower on the southeast edge of town. The busiest of these railroads was the Air Line division of the MC which from time to time was a major freight line between both Niles and Elkhart, and Jackson. Also heading through town was the Lansing division of the Lake Shore, and the main line of the DT&M.  All three railroads likely had passenger and freight agencies in town, but may have been consolidated near Homer Tower in later years.

Photo/map info/credit: Top, the Lake Shore depot at Homer. [Alan Loftis]. Below, a USGS map of Homer with the three rail lines enhanced. Where the Lake Short crosses the river, the pilings for the trestle are still visible in 2003. The MC's Air Line right of way is still easily visible but the DT&M line is very difficult to follow. [Dale Berry]

1920 - On the Michigan Central Air Line, this is a passenger and freight agency. Interline tickets are issued. O. W. McDoll is the agent. The telegraph call sign is "HM". [MCOAS]