Location: Marshall, MI - DT&M Facilities

The DT&M has shop and locomotive facilities in Marshall for many years. The buildings fell into disrepair but the roundhouse was moved, and rebuilt at Greenfield Village, in the Henry Ford in Dearborn.

CJ&M Roundhouse Marshall MI

Photo Info/Credit: Left, a drawing of the Cincinatti Northern roundhouse and shops at Marshall in 1899. Sanborn map. The CN later became the DT&M.

According to the 1899 Sanborn Fire Insurance maps in the Library of Congress, the Cincinatti Northern (later DT&M/NYC) had a small 16' x 50' depot and a nearby 16' x 50' freight house.  They also had a roundhouse had six bays plus three outdoor tracks for locomotive storage. There was also a lead off the turntable for a paint building and a nearby sandhouse. The roundhouse had an attached machine shop, blacksmith shopo and tin shop. (The building was moved and rebuilt in Greenfield Village in Dearborn). A water tower was east of the roundhouse along with other storage buildings and an office.