Location: Albion, MI - Superior Street Crossing Tower

Superior Street in Albion was protected by a watchman located in a 2-story signal tower at the crossing. It was destroyed in a 1930's fire caused by a truck hitting a train at the location.

December 23, 1936. Albion, MI (AP). Train Engineer Hurt in Albion Crossing Death.

C.D. Wright, 22, is victim. Skids on Sleeted Road. Loaded Truck Thrown Into Signal Tower; Flames Destroy Both.

Darwin Wright, 22, of Benton Harbor, was burned to death and a train engineer was injured today when a truck driven by Wright was struck by a westbound Michigan Central passenger train at a grade crossing here. The engineer, Ray Stowe of Jackson was taken to a hospital here for trreatment of a bruised hip and other injuries.

Signal Tower Burns

The truck, loaded with dressed tukrkeys and meats, was thrown against the two-story signal tower by the impact of the collision and spilled gasoline started a fire which swept the truck and destroyed the tower.

William Coulson, towe watchman, who had descended to the street with a "stop" sign in his hand, was knocked down by shattered boards from the truck bed, but was not injured. Witnesses told police Wrigh put on his brakes 100 feet from the crossing, but the truck skidded on sleet covered pavement onto the tracks. The locomotive struck the cab of the truck. Th Wolverine train was delayied for some time after the accident at 9:55 a.m.