Mackinaw City, MI - Page 2

Mackinaw City DepotMackinaw City DepotMackinaw City DepotMackinaw City DepotMackinaw City RoundhousePRR Northern Arrow at Mackinaw CityMIGN at Mackianw CityD&M at Mackinaw CitySwitching the Chief WawatamPhoto info: Top, Mackinaw City Union Depot and yard in July, 1935. [Charles Milliken, Doug Leffler Collection]. Next, NYC 3119 pulls in with train 393, the Northerner in August, 1954. [Neil Plagens, Greg Bunce Collection]. 3rd photo, a view of the depot behind a series of hopper cars. [Charles Hommerding, Doug Leffler Collection]. 4th and 5th photos, Pennsylvania 5806 noses out of the Mackinaw City roundhouse in 1961. [Neil Plagens], 6th photo, PRR's Northern Arrow is photographed leaving Mackinaw City in 1961. Note the pipe above the diesel locomotive which was used for inductive train communications with the dispatcher through rail-side wires. This type of early communications was unique to the PRR in Michigan. [Neil Plagens, Greg Bunce collection], 7th photo, Michigan Northern Alco's 1617 and 2037 in the snow at Mackinaw City on December 13, 1977. [Neil Plagens], 8th photo, D&M 1077 and MIGN 539 are photographed at Mackinaw City in September, 1980. [Neil Plagens], Bottom photo, D&M 977 switches at the Artrain at Mackinaw City in June, 1980, Michigan Northern engine 4204 is in the background. [Neil Plagens]

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