Relics and Ruins: Cheboygan County (16)

Relics Masthead

Relic: D&M Freight House

Location: Cheboygan, on Court Street East of Benton Street

What's There: The former D&M freight house, in a box car without wheel sets, set on the ground. The former depot was nearby, now gone. This freight house may have been removed.

Longitude/Latitude: 45o.38.399N - 84o.29.077W

Vision: ...the freight agent here made up bills for box carrs full of diapers which were shipped from the P&G paper plant to points south.

Relic: Railroad bridge

Location: Cheboygan River, West of M-33 highway, south of M-27.

What's There: The old Detroit & Mackinac railroad bridge over the Cheboygan River. Now used as a trail over the river for hikers and snowmobiles.

Longitude/Latitude: 45o.35.728N - 84o,28.536W

Vision: ...watching the southbound D&M freight leave town. Next stops, Tower and Onaway.

Relic: Passenger Depot

Location: Indian River.

What's There: The old Michigan Central passenger depot. The railroad is now gone.

Longitude/Latitude: 45o.38.399N - 84o.29.077W

Vision: ...sitting on a warm afternoon watching the depot's nearby fountain.

Relic: Railroad Depot.

Location: Mackinaw City. in Mackinaw Crossing Mall.

What's There: The old Michigan Central/Grand Rapids & Indiana Union Station. It is now a restaurant in the mall with many rail photos on the walls inside.

Longitude/Latitude: 45o.46.818 - 84o.43.657W

Vision: ...loading frozen deer carcasses into rail cars for the trip south with returning hunters.

Relic: Railroad Depot

Location: Mullet Lake

What's There: The old Mivhigan Central depot along the lake shore, now a private residence. On the lake, on Polish Lake Road, East of North Straits Highway.

Longitude/Latitude: 45o.33.767N - 84o.31.503W

Vision: ...the station agent going for a dip in the lake to cool off between trains.

Relic: Passenger Depot

Location: Topinabee

What's There: The old Michigan Central depot along the lake shore, now a museum. Downtown in toinabee, on North Straits Highway at the lake.

Longitude/Latitude: 45o.28.98N - 84o.35.610W

Vision: ...the dust blows up as a southbound summer freight train speeds through town.

Relic: Passenger Depot

Location: Wolverine

What's There: The old Michigan Central depot, now restored. Downtiwn on Main Street.

Longitude/Latitude: 45o.16.411N - 84o.36.147W

Vision: ...the Wolverine-based helper locomotive attaches on to the rear of the train which is topping off coal at the coaling tower.