Station: Afton, MI

Afton, in Cheboygan County, was settled around 1857. It was called Ellisville in 1905 but renamed one year later. [MPN] Afton received rail service on a logging branch of the Michigan Central railroad.

October, 1904. The first lot in the new village of Afton, in Cheboygan county, has been sold by the Haak Lumber Co., the promoters of the new place. It is situated in Ellis township, where the Haakwood logging branch crosses the state road. [DFP-1904-1010]


  • Campbell Stone Company. In 1926, the company had a rotary lime plant here. Also scales, warehouse, blacksmith shop and an elevator located over all tracks. The plant had two side tracks and a plant lead off the Michigan Central Haakwood Branch. [SMA]