Location: Cheboygan, MI - MCRR Facilities

MC Cheboygan DepotNYC-DM Joint passenger stationNYC-DM Joint passenger stationNYC Cheboygan Freight HouseMCRR Frozen Water Tower at Cheboygan

Photo Info/Credits: Top, the MC Depot in Cheboygan in the early 1900's. [Dale Berry Collection] 2nd and 3rd photos, two views of the joint NYC/D&M passenger station, in 1967. [Charlie Whipp]. 4th photo, the NYC freight house in Cheboygan in 1967. [Charlie Whipp]. 5th photo, A very frozen Michigan Central water tower at Cheboygan, date unknown. [Greg Bunce collection]


1911. Fire Sunday totally destroyed the freight sheds of the Michigan Central railroad and the Washburn-Crosby company's warehouse, entailing a loss of $25,000, fully insured. Four loaded cars were also destroyed and telegraph connections are down. This makes the fourth fire within a few days and the second one in as many n9ights at the MC yards. All evidence points to incendiarism, the four fires having all been started within a quarter mile radius of one another and in buildings unoccupied at night.; [DFP-1911-0704]

1917. The MC had an operator/clerk here around the clock. [TRT]


MC Depot - 46.642286, -84.484558