Industry - Cheboygan Paper Company

The McArthur Company sold their mill in 1902, it was purchased by the American Bag and Paper Company. By 1915 it became the Cheboygan Paper Company. Two years later it was sold to the Union Bag and Paper Company, who operated it until November 1929.

After closing the mill in 1929, it sat idle for 27 years.

In 1956 the mill was purchased by Charmin Paper Products, and the following year that company was bought by Procter and Gamble. P&G greatly renovated and expanded the existing facilities. During the next decade, employment at the facility peaked at 696. Improvements continued at the facility throughout its operation, and not just in terms of production. A process known as “fiber reclaim” recycled waste from the production line, and the instillation of a hydroelectric generator provided some of the power needed to operate the large facility.

The P&G plant closed in 1990, and with the closure yet again the mill fell idle. But as before, it has reopened, this time as the Great Lakes Tissue Company, producing 100% recycled towel and tissue. 

The P&G plant was served predominantly by the Detroit & Mackinac Ry. The D&M lines (from Alpena and Gaylord) were pulled up. Currently the Great Lakes Tissue Co. is served by truck. [CD] and other sources.