Station: Brimley, MI

Brimley, in Chippewa County, was given a station on the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic in 1872, but with the name of Superior. It was renamed Brimley in 1876. The station was 12.2 miles west of Sault Ste. Marie Bridge No. 1.

A junction switch was located here which went northwest down and across the shallow bay to the Buell & Hall/Hall & Munson sawmill at Bay Mills. There was a manually operated swing bridge in the long trestle to enable boats to enter the western end of the bay. The Bay Mills branch was built in 1891 and abandoned by 1910. [CB/MIHX8]

The depot at Brimley was on the south side of the tracks on Depot Street, east of M-221 and just west of the switch to Bay Mills. The depot served Bay Mills and the Brimley region. [CB/MIHX8]


1872 - Given station on the DSS&A called Superior

1876 - Renamed Brimley.

1891 - Bay Mills branch built with a junction here.

1910 - Bay Mills branch abandoned.

1918: The DSS&A had an agent/operator during the day at this location. [TRT]

1963 - A 104.5 foot section of railroad bridge over the Waiska River at Brimley is moved by barge, skid and flatcars from the former railroad right-of-way and taken to Lake Bronson, Minnesota to be incorporated into a new bridge there. The bridge over the Waiska was built about 1914 and originally had nine spans totaling 436 feet in length The project is part of the dismantling of the DSS&A track as a result of its merger with the Soo Line. Picking up the rails between Brimley and the Sault is scheduled to start June 3, 1963 and will be taken up at a rate of about one mile a day. [SEN-5/17/1963]