Station: Eckerman, MI

Eckerman was settled by loggers in 1889, on the DSS&A Sault Ste. Marie branch about 13 miles east of Soo Junction. [MPN] A junction of the E. H. Sheldon Company Logging railroad that ran 8-9 miles north from Eckerman, located in Chippewa County. This logging railroad right of way is just west of M-123 that parallels the logging railroad right-of-way north to the ridge above the Tahquamenon River Valley. The Sheldon Company logging railroad operated between 1924/25 and the beginning of the Great Depression.  Logging by rail ended as soon as adequate roads north of Eckerman to Tahquamenon River enabled trucks to haul logs on roads from the forests to Eckerman.  The Sheldon Company sawmill burned down twice (December, 1925 and May, 1942) and was rebuilt each time. The Sheldon Company mill at Eckerman was closed for the last time in July, 1958. [MIRX8]


1889 - Town settled by loggers.

1918: The DSS&A had an agent/operator during the day at this location. [TRT]

1924 - Sheldon Company logging railroad begins operation.

1925 - Sheldon sawmill burns down. Rebuilt.

Early 1930's - Sheldon railroad discontinued, taken over by trucks.

1942 - Sheldon sawmill burns down again. Rebuilt again.

1958 - Sheldon Company mill closed for the last time in July.