Station: Rudyard, MI

Soo Rudyard DepotSoo Rudyard DepotSoo Line in Rudyard Rudyard, in Chippewa County, was settled as Pine River in 1883 but the name was changed to Rudyard in 1890. [MPN] Rudyard was a station stop on the Soo Line's main line 23 miles southwest of Sault Ste. Marie. It was assigned a telegraph call of "R" by the Soo Line.

Photo info/credit: Top, an early depot at Rudyard in the 1880's, with a train and water tower in the background. Bottom, the Soo Line depot here in 1976. This depot was built in 1890 and has since been razed. [Charlie Whiipp]. 3rd photo, Soo Line 726 and 2553 cross the Pine River at Rodyard in 1980. [Neil Plagens photo, Mark Andersen collection]


~1890. The Soo Line depot at Rudyard was built on West Street about 1890. [UPM]

1917. The CMStP&P had an agent here on the day shift. [TRT]