Station: Farwell, MI

PM Farwell DepotLogging Trestle and Train Farwell was founded around 1871 when the Pere Marquette railroad came through on their line from Saginaw to Ludington. It was the county seat until 1879 when that designation was transferred to Harrison. The town became a village in 1879. [MPN]

The Ann Arbor railroad also had facilities here.

Photo info: Top, the PM depot and crossing at Farwell. [T. J. Gaffney collection]. 2nd photo, a logging train on a trestle near Farwell. This is an example of how logging railroads rapidly built their lines up and down forest grades.

Time Line

1907. The PM installed new stock pens here. [PMAR-1907]

1918. The AARR had a day station agent here. [TRT]