Location: Sturgeon, MI (Dickenson County)

CNW Sturgeon, MI tracksSturgeon, in Dickenson County, was a location just east of Loretto where two seperate Chicago & Northwestern ore lines came close to each other. A "crossover" was established at this location, allowing loaded ore trains to use either route to Escanaba, and empty trains to use either route to Iron Mountain or Antoine.

Photo info/credit: Top, a 2005 view of the CN Quinnesec subdivision looking east at Sturgeon. The abandoned route to the left (to the northeast) is the right-of-way of the C&NW cutoff to their ore line. Loaded ore trains usually used this line to the Ore Yard at Escanaba. To the right (with tracks) is the C&NW line to Powers and Escanaba. Empty ore trains came up this line which didn't have as many elevations as the nearby ore line. [Dale Berry]

1918. The C&NW had an agent operator here on the day and afternoon shifts. [TRT]