Station: Alanson, MI

Alanson MI Depot Snow Plow near Pellston MI MIGN at Alanson MI

Alanson was settled in Emmett County around 1875 and called Hinnman. It was changed to Alanson in 1882. It became a village in 1905. [MPN]

The town was located on the Grand Rapids & Indiana railroad at MP 434.9. The station was staffed during the day in 1898.  It was the northern terminus of the Petoskey region resort commuter train service which operated out of the commuter station in Petoskey.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the GR&I depot at Alanson. [AL].  2nd photo, MIGN 1604 and 1606 push a spreader through Pellston near the airport to clearf the snow in 1982. 3rd photo, a Michigan Northern train (with engnes 1603, 1605 and 1606) rll through Alanson in January, 1982. [Last two photos from Neil Plagens, Mark Andersen collection]