Station:  Harbor Springs, MI

GRI Depot at Harbor Springs MIGRI Depot at Harbor Springs MIHarbor Springs MI WarfDowntown Harbor Springs and DepotGRI Depot at Harbor Springs MI and warfGRI Depot at Harbor Springs MIHarbor Springs was the location of an Ottawa Indian village. In 1742, a Jesuit mission was established. In 1862, it was called Little Traverse and renamed Harbor Springs in 1884. It was sometimes called Bayfield.  It was incorporated as a village in 1881 and became a City in 1932. [MPN]

Harbor Springs had rail service from a branch of the Grand Rapids & Indiana railroad. The branch left the GR&I main line at Ko-ge-mic and offered commuter service from Petoskey during the turn of the 20th century.

Photo info/credits: Top and 2nd, a GR&I passenger train arrives at the depot in Harbor Springs. [Alan Loftis collection], 3rd photo, a view of the harbor at Harbor Springs. The depot can be seen at the far right side of the photograph. [Alan Loftis collection], 4th and 5th photos, a postcard view of the GR&I Harbor Springs dock and depot. [Alan Loftis collection], 6th photo, a 2004 view of the depot at Harbor Springs. [Alan Loftis]