Station: Oden, MI

Oden, MI depotOden, MI depotOden, MI depotSharks at Oden Oden was settled on the north shore of Crooked Lake in 1882. The GR&I built a station here on its Mackinaw Branch.

Photo info/credit: Top, a GR&I passenger train arrives at Oden. 2nd photo, a clearer photo of a similar event. The depot has been replaced and a large overhang installed to keep waiting passengers and friends out of the weather. 3rd photo, a more recent photo of the depot.  [All, Alan Loftis collection]. 4th photo, Michigan Northern "sharks" at Oden in April, 1978. [Neil Plagens photo, Mark Andersen collection].


1945. The Commission (MPSC) was advised that the earnings of Oden station for the years 1941, 1942, 1943 and 1944 amounted to $97.13, $45.84, $24.31 and $16.30, respectively, all of which covered the shipments of less-than-carload freight, there being no carload shipments received or forwarded. That Oden is purely a resort town, and there are no industries located in the town; therefore, no side track facilities are required. With this information, this Commission finds and holds that it is justified in granting permission to the Pennsylvania Railroad Company to discontinue and remove its station at Oden for the reason that to continue the station, under the existing conditions and what might be expected in the future, would prove an uneconomic railroad operation. [MPSC-1945]