Station: Thomaston, MI

DSSA depot at Thomaston, MIDSSA depot at Thomaston, MIThomaston was founded in Wakefield Township around 1891. This was a small terminal for the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic where crews changed and locomotives were serviced. The town was also a logging center. Thomaston had a 31 car siding in 1961. It was MP 287.6 (from St. Ignace).

The railroad (now Canadian National) still comes through here enroute east to Bergland and White Pine but all of the railroad structures are gone.

Photo info/credits: Top, The Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic depot at Thomaston in a winter photo graph.  Below, another view of a different depot at Thomaston around 1915. [Alan Loftis collection]

The DSS&A had a water tower at Thomaston in 1907. [SSM1907]

1914 - The DSS&A constructs a hotel at Thomaston. [rR-1915-0220]

October 21, 1927. The Ironwood Daily Globe reports that electric power lines have reached Thomaston.