Station: St. Louis, MI

Excursion Train at St. Louis. MI PM Depot at St. Louis MIPM Depot at St. Louis MIPM Depot at St. Louis MIPM Depot at St. Louis MIPM Depot at St. Louis MISt. Louis, in Gratiot County, was settled about 1853 along the Pine River in Gratiot County. A sawmill was located here. The village was platted in 1855 and called Pine River. It was changed to St. Louis in 1859. It was incorporated as a village in 1868. The towns of Pine River and St. Louis were consolidated in 1891 and they became a city in the same year.  The current depot built in 1923 as a combination station (passenger and freight sections).

Photo Info/Credit: Top, An excursion train leaves St. Louis, MI in this early photo. [Alan Loftis collection]. 2nd photo, an early view of the Pere Marquette depot at St. Louis. 3rd photo, a later photo of the depot in 1976. 4th photo, the operators desk inside of the St. Louis depot, [Charlie Whipp], 5th photo, a 1973 view of the depot with train order/block signal in operation. [Dennis Schmidt]. 6th photo, a photograph of the depot in 2003. [Alan Loftis]


Central Michigan Oil & Refining. 1934. Served by the MC. [MW]

McClanhan Refineries (1934-1937) and Leonard Refining (1938-1946). Served by the PM. [MW]