Station:  Bankers, MI

Hillsdale County Railroad at Bankers, MIHillsdale County Railroad at Bankers, MIBankers was a small hamlet four miles southwest of Hillsdale in Hillsdale County. It was settled about 1838 and gained some noterity as the sudden terminus of the Detroit, Hillsdale and Indiana railroad. The DH&I soon truncated at Hillsdale under Lake Shore & Michigan Southern ownership, and the DH&I line was used as a reroute of the Fort Wayne & Jackson line which was diverted through Hillsdale. Bankers remained a junction point for the old Ft. Wayne line which continued to exist for many years for car storage. Bankers also had a sawmill in the early years.

Photo Info/Credit: Top and 2nd photo, Hillsdale County switcher 1976, an EMD NW-2, is photographed south of Hillsdale near Bankers in 1976. [Doug Leffler]