Station:  Sidnaw, MI

Sidnaw MI Union Depot Sidnaw MI Interlocking Sidnaw MI CrossingSidnaw was a junction/crossing of the Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic railroad and the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad (Milwaukee Road). In addition to a MILW-style union depot, the crossing was protected by s simple interlocker and gate system. This location is 25 miles west of Nestoria in southeast Houghton County. It is a lumber town which was first settled in 1889. [MPN]

The interlocking tower at Sidnaw was closed in 1929 and the gate/signal system in the photo was established. This lasted until the DSSA line to the west was removed in the 1990's. [SOO/W/2018]

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the union depot at Sidnaw, used by the Milwaukee Road and the Duluth, South Shore and Altantic. 2nd photo, Sidnaw's automatic interlocking. This photo looks west on the former DSS&A main line. [Greg Bunce], 3rd photo, another photo of the crossing in the 1980's. [Rob Kitchen]

The MILW and DSS&A had a joint water tower at Sidnaw with stanpipes on both roads for filling locomotives. [GB]