Interlocking:  Trowbridge Tower, MI

Trowbridge Tower, East Lansing, MI Trowbridge Tower, East Lansing, MI Trowbridge Interlocking Tower was located at the crossing of the Grand Trunk Western main line between Port Huron and Chicago via Lansing and the Pere Marquette main line between Detroit and Grand Rapids via Lansing. The tower/crossing was located in the City of East Lansing. It was in the southwest corner of the diamond.

Photo info/credit: Top, Trowbridge Tower in Eastg Lansing in 1966. This vieew looks east on the C&O. There is a Form 19 train order signal displayed for westbound C&O trains at the tower. [Charlie Whipp]. 2nd photo, C&O 3529 passes westbound over the GTW diamond. 1967. [Charles Geletzkre Jr.]

1890 interlocking. The first interlocking crossing apparatus was erected at Trowbridge. [DL&N-1890]