Station: Belding, MI

PM Belding MI Depot PM Belding MI Depot PM Belding MI Depot PM Belding MI DepotBelding was settled about 1839 as Broas Rapids in northwest Ionia County. It was later called Patterson Mills and then Belding in 1871. It became a city in 1893. [MPN]

Belding was served by two railroads. The first was a a forerunner to the Pere Marquette line from Lansing to Howard City via Grand Ledge. This line was later downgraded to a branch line when the main line was diverted at Grand Ledge to Grand Rapids. The second line was the PM line from Elmdale northeast to Saginaw.

Photo Info/Credit: Top, the Belding depot. This station had a very unusual lookout balcony with a tall witches hat room. [Mark Worrall collection]. 2nd photo, another photo of the depot. This is either a different depot or the roof has been changed dramatically. [Alan Loftis collection]. 3rd photo, another view of the depot. [Alan Loftis]. 4th photo, another early photograph of the depot pictured in the top of the photo from the opposite direction. The large manufacturing facility at the rear is the Belding silk mills. [Alan Loftis collection]

1879 improvements: A new station was built here by the DL&N. [DL&N-1879]

1887 cattle yards. The DL&N builds a new cattle yard at Belding. [DL&N-1877]

1891 New Depot. In 1891 a new passenger station was started at Belding on the DL&N. [DL&N-1891]

The DL&N builds a new freight house here in 1891. [DL&N-1891]