Station: Taft, MI

Taft was settled about 1894 as a station on the Detroit & Mackinac Rose City branch, about eight miles north of Emery Junction.

September 30, 1891. Wreck on the Railroad. Last Thursday the train on the Loon Lake branch (Rose City Branch) was near Taft, a few miles south of Tawas. The train consisted of loaded log cars and a passenger coach. While the train was going over a switch one of the logs fell off, struck the switch and forced it open. The rear part of the train ran off the track at the break, and the result was a smash up. One of the rails was bent and ran up through the bottom of the coach and then through the roof. Two men were sitting in the seat where the rail came through. One was hurt slightly on the leg and shoulder. The other merely had his watch chain torn off. In the next seat was Thomas Keating who was severely injured, his ribs being broken and body bruised. The conductor, Malcom Morrison, was slightly hurt about the head. Some others received injuries.

The smashup caused the express to be delayed, so that it did not reach Alpena until about eight o'clock Friday morning. [AArgus-09/30/1891]