Time Line - 1837

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  • January 26: President Andrew Jackson signs the bill making Michigan the nation's twenty-sixth state. [BOM]

  • March 20: Michigan passed the Public Improvement Act - allows state to borrow $5 million to finance railroads. [MDOT]

  • July 4: First steam locomotive, the "Adrian" placed in service on the E&K. [MDOT]

    Late: The Central line reaches Dearborn. [DPG/AAD]

  • The Central Railroad terminal in Detroit is a wooden building at Michigan and Griswold, also known as "Campus Martis". Conflict Note: See February 3, 1838.[DWS/RWC]

  • The first Ypsilanti depot is built, a wooden structure on the west side of the tracks near the current freight house location. It was removed in the 1850's. [IT-4/1975]

  • Michigan becomes a state.

  • The first locomotive whistle is placed in service. [SAM]

  • Detroit & Pontiac Railroad reaches Royal Oak. [DWS]

  • The "southern" railroad begins construction this year under State ownership, but three years elapse before any portion is open for business. [MCR-75]

  • Panic of 1837. [DWS] 

Time line Key:

  • Railroad event in Michigan
  • Event relating to mining
  • Event related to car ferries
  • Event outside of Michigan
  • Improvement in Technology
  • Railroad built or extended
  • Railroad abandoned and/or removed
  • Economic panic or depression