Time Line - 1977

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  • Early: GTW has installed 2 hot bearing detector systems in southwest Michigan. The railroad now operates 26 scanner units at 9 locations to reduce accidents caused by overheated axles. [MRC-2/1977]

  • July: "Chessie Steam Special" operates in the state commemorating the 150th anniversary of American Railroading. [MDOT]

  • Summer: The former Cincinnati Northern line is removed between the Indiana line and Hudson. [IT-10/1977]

  • September: Chessie System places a new switching yard in service at Burton, a suburb of Flint. The $3-4 million project will improve service to Fisher Body and other local industries. [IT-10/1977]

  • October 1: Michigan Interstate Railway Co. assumes operation of the Ann Arbor RR from Conrail. [MDOT]

  • October 1: Lenawee County RR begins service in Lenawee County. [MDOT]

  • October 1: Tuscola & Saginaw Bay Railway starts operation in the Vassar area. [MDOT]

  • October 1: Michigan Interstate Railway Company takes over operation of the Ann Arbor from Conrail. [MT]

  • MCRR Station in Kalamazoo reopened as the Kalamazoo Intermodal Transportation Center. [IT-12/79]

  • Footboards on all engines are eliminated under FRA order. [IT-4/1975]

  • The last Railway Post Office train in the United States is discontinued. [SAM]

Time line Key:

  • Railroad event in Michigan
  • Event relating to mining
  • Event related to car ferries
  • Event outside of Michigan
  • Improvement in Technology
  • Railroad built or extended
  • Railroad abandoned and/or removed
  • Economic panic or depression