Timetable: Detroit Terminal Railroad - Main Line - Conner Yard to Ford Rouge Complex

The Detroit Terminal railroad was a belt line industrial railroad owned by the Michigan Central, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, and the Grand Trunk Western railroads. At the time it was built, is "belted" the settled area of Detroit and reached many of the automobile plants which were being built at the then-edge of town.

Station MP Notes
Conner Yard - Detroit Edison Plant   Yard
Chrysler Jefferson Plant     
River Yard    Yard
Hudson Motor Main Plant     
Chrysler Kercheval Plant     
Hudson Motor Charlevoix Plant     
Chrysler Vernor Plant     
Budd Wheel Main Plant     
Mack Yard    Yard 
Warren Avenue Yard East    
Chrysler Mack Plant     
DSR - St. Jean Avenuye    X
Hudson Motor Harper Plant     
Hudson Motor Gratiot Plant     
Van Dyke Yard    Yard 
Chrysler Lynch Road Plant    
Chrysler Winfield Plant     
Lynch Road Passing Tracks     
NYC Extension     
GTW East Yard Junction    J
North Yard Crossing - NYC    I
Detroit Michigan Stove Company     
Davison Yard    Yard 
Ford Junction    I
Dequindre Passing Track     
Ford Motor Highland Park Plant     
Woodward Avenue Team Track     
DSR - Third Avenuye   
Detroit Edison Fenkell Yard    Yard 
DSR - Livernois Avenue    X
Livernois Passing Track     
Water Commission - Fullerton Ave.     
Bonaparte Yard (see note)   Yard
Grand River Ave. Team Track    
Jervis B. Webb Co.    
Joy Road Team Track    
Warren Avenue Team Track    
Warren Avenue Yard West     
Chrysler West Warren Plant    
Chrysler Brandt Street Plant    
Lonyo Yard   Yard
MCRR Interchange Yard (see note)   Yard
Chrysler DeSoto Wyoming Plant     
Fordson Team Track    
Pere Marquette Crossing   I
Michigan Central Crossing (underpass)    
Fordson Yard - DT&I Railroad   Yard
PM Rougemere Yard   Yard
Ford Motor Rouge Plant    

Notes: Bonaparte Yard was west of Livernois Avenue between Joy and West Chicago Avenues. The MCRR interchange yard was east of Wyoming Avenue on the curve. The Michigan Central Crossing was at the west end of their Junction Yard near what is now Miller Road.

Note Key: BB=Bascule Bridge | C=Coal | CS=Car Shop | D=Open > Day | DN=Open Day and night | DS=Dispatcher | DT=Double Main Track | EH=Enginehouse | HI=Half Interlocker | I=Interlocker | J=Junction | LB=Liftbridge | N=Open at night | P=Passing Track w/40' car capacity | Q=Quarry | RH=Roundhouse # stalls | RT=Railroad Resort | S=Scales | SB=Swingbridge | T=Turntable | TC=Telegraph call | W=Water | X=Crossing | Y=Wye | Yard=Yard

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