Timetable: MCRR - Mackinaw Branch - Bay City to Mackinaw City

The MC Mackinaw Branch was started by the Jackson, Lansing and Saginaw railroad and came under the control of the Michigan Central before it reached Mackinaw City. Station hours and passing track capacity based on 1897 timetable. Siding length based on 44' cars.

Station MP from E Bay City Notes
Bay City East Side  0.0 DN Yard
Woodside xPM   DN I 
Saginaw River Bridge    SB
West Bay City  0.7  DN Yard RH
CS&M Crossing xGTW   
BC & BC Junction  1.6  J
Tower 12 xHW xPM  
Wenona Yard    Yard 
Kawkawlin  4.7  D SB P27
Terry's  10.3   
Linwood  10.7  D J 
Lengsville  12.2  P56
State Road  15.1  P41 
Pinconning  18.9  DN J P50
Saginaw Bay & Northwestern Crossing xSB 19.1 
White Feather  21.6  P16
Worth  23.6  P19
Eddys  25.5   
Standish  27.7  D P51
Deep River  30.2  P27 
Sterling 32.4  D P37
Dunham  32.9  P31 
Quinns  35.2  P43 
Alger  40.7  DN J P88
Culvers  41.5  P11 
Summit  43.9   
Greenwood  44.6  D P27
Welch  47.8  P45 
Loranger ~48  
Hauptman Junction 50.3  J P52
West Branch  52.7  DN P56
Ogemaw  56.1  
Cranage  56.5   
Beaver Lake  60.9  P22 
St. Helens  64.4  D P45 
Geels  ~69.5   
La Marche ~70  
Moore's  71.6  P22 
Roscommon 77.1 DN P13
Cheney 88.7 P59 
Grayling 92.3 DN J RH P30 Yard 
Hanson ~97  
Frederick 101.0 J P42 
Michelson's ~105  
Waters 108.9 P56 
Otsego Lake 111.8 P17 
Sallilngs Junction  
Bagley 115.4 P41 
Gaylord 119.2 DN X P45
Harold ~125  
Logan ~126  
Zickgraff ~127  
Vanderbilt 127.7 D P39
Buells ~129  
Trowbridge 135.0 P6 
Nunda Branch Junction ~137 J
Wolverine 138.3 D C W P13
Haakwood ~140 J
Rondo 141.5 D P18
Parksmill ~142  
Merritts ~143  
Hamby ~145  
Indian River 148.4 D P36
Topinabee 153.9 D P34
Bushville 156.8  
Long Point ~157  
Mullet Lake 160.4 P34 
Tannery 165   
Cheboygan 166.2 DN J Dock P50
Lakeside ~170  
Nelson ~173  
Freedom 176.5 P35 
Watson ~180.5   
Mackinaw City 182.3 DN J RH CFDock


The Saginaw River bridge was a non-interlocked swing bridge that had "smash board" signals on each end. West Bay City was 500' west of the Saginaw River drawbridge. It was the location of the main Bay City yard until Wenona Yard was built north of hee.

At Tower 12, the Hecla Belt Line went through here enroute to marl beds in the area to supply the Hecla Portland Cement Company. About 10 years later, this became a MC industrial belt line. The PM line crossed here going west to coal fields.

At Kawkawlin the J&LS (MC) had a swing bridge over the Kawkawlin river in the late 1880's. This was replaced with a fixed bridge.

Linwood had a crossing allowing Mackinaw Branch trains to access the D&M main line. When the D&M was pulled up south of Pinconning, a new crossover was installed just south of Pinconning and is still used today.

Worth was known as Saginin in 1883.

The Detroit, Bay City & Alpena (and predessor lines) connected with the MC at Alger. In the early 1900's under D&M ownership, they built their own line to North Bay City and the old like was truncated at Prescot and became known as the D&M Prescott Branch.

Frederick was known as Forrest in 1883. Waters was known as Wright's Lake.

When the Penn Central abandoned the Mackinaw Branch, the D&M purchased it north of Sallings and south of Kawkawlin. The state retained ownership between Kawkawlin and Sallings and leased it to the D&M.

Note Key: BB=Bascule Bridge | C=Coal | CF = Car Ferry | CS=Car Shop | D=Open > Day | DN=Open Day and night | DS=Dispatcher | DT=Double Main Track | EH=Enginehouse | F=Diesel Fuel | HI=Half Interlocked Crossing | I=Interlocked Crossing | J=Junction | LB=Liftbridge | N=Open at night | P=Passing Track w/40' car capacity | Q=Quarry | RH=Roundhouse # stalls | RT=Railroad Resort | S=Scales | SB=Swingbridge | T=Turntable | TC=Telegraph call | W=Water | X=Crossing | Y=Wye | Yard=Yard

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