Timetable: NYC - Grand Rapids Branch - Grand Rapids to White Pigeon


Station MP from Grand Rapids Notes
Grand Rapids  0.0  DN W Yard TC=SX
Freight Station    FH 
Shaumet xGRI   Target 
Eagle Mills     
Drawbridge    SB 
Lamar (Wentworth)  3.4  D P65 TC=W
Byron Center  11.9  D P21 TC=OU
Dorr  17.8 
Hilliards  21.5 
Hopkins  25.4 
Miner Lake     
Allegan  32.7 
Otsego  42.5  D W P38 TC=XN
Plainwell  46.5  D P53 TC=P
XX Tower xGRI 46.6 
Argenta    P26 
Cooper    P26 
North Yard  57.7  D Yard TC=SY 
Kalamazoo xCKS  58.7 
Kalamazoo xMC  57.8  DN I TC=BO
Gibson xGRI 58.4  Target
South Yard  60.4  D W P57 Yard TC=DK
Portage  64.8   
Schoolcraft  71.5  D P43 TC=SH
CF Tower  71.6  DN I TC=CF
Flowerfield    D W P17 TC=FD
Moore Park    D P55 TC=MP
CP Cowling     
Three Rivers  83.8  D W I P47 TC=MI
VJ Interlocking Tower  85.0  J TC=VJ
Florence    P27
Constantine    D P50 TC=CR
White Pigeon    DN W Yard TC=GN


Shaumet: Crossing had a pole target in 1915. 

Drawbridge (over Grand River near Lamar): Giverned by semaphore type signals located 175' north and 645' south of the bridge. Not interlocked.

Kalamazoo CK&S Crossing: Interlocked.

Moore Park: Later called CP Park by Conrail.

CP Cowling: This was the northbound entrance to the NS passing track at Moore Park.

White Pigeon: When the NYC upgraded the Air Line from Jackson to Elkhart, they rerouted the Kalamazoo Branch at Elkhart to remove a curve here.

Note Key: BB=Bascule Bridge | C=Coal | CS=Car Shop | D=Open > Day | DN=Open Day and night | DS=Dispatcher | DT=Double Main Track | EH=Enginehouse | F=Diesel Fuel | HI=Half Interlocked Crossing | I=Interlocked Crossing | J=Junction | LB=Liftbridge | N=Open at night | P=Passing Track w/40' car capacity | Q=Quarry | RH=Roundhouse # stalls | RT=Railroad Resort | S=Scales | SB=Swingbridge | T=Turntable | TC=Telegraph call | W=Water | X=Crossing | Y=Wye | Yard=Yard

[REF] = XXXXXX plus additions.