Railroad Initiation Rites

  • Have someone go up to the locomotive to get a bucket of steam.

  • Send someone to get the red kerosene for the red light in the lanterns.

  • Have someone stand by the trackpans as a train came by to take on water.

  • Have someone go up to the locomotive for a can of compressed air.

  • Look for a lefthanded switch key

Le Roy Barnett retired in 2001 as an archivist with the State of Michigan Archives. Throughout his career, Dr. Barnett made note of railroad trivia as well as interesting railroad facts which he has shared with RRHX. We hope that you enjoy reading them. Many of these "sayings", slogans, film names will bring back memories for you. If you have other factual bits of trivia to add, there is a hot-link on each page for you to use.