2018-1208 - Michigan Railroad History Conference. The date for the 2019 History Conference has been selected. It will take place on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor. Click here for information.

2018-1130 - Mine information. Individual pages for Iron and Copper mines have been moved to the Stations | Locations sections. Details (type of ore, mining method, railroad and dock service, ownership, etc. have been added from information received from the summary provided by the Lake Superior Iron Ore assocation (1950). To view the mines, go to the Station list, select the county, and the mining menu's are at the bottom of the page.

2018-1116. The upper peninsula mines have been removed from the individual coiunty station lists, and added to their own list at the bottom. Many additional mines have been identified in all ranges.

2018-0515 - An article about the Ford Rouge Industrial Railroad, and a newspaper account of the E&LS in the upper peninsula.

2018-0409 - Updated Research Section 4 (Serials) and Cross Reference.  My thanks to Don Meints for keeping this current. Click Here.

2018-0408 - Added article about the beginning of the Detroit, Bay City & Alpena railroad.

2018-0224 - Bridges. Cleaned up the bridge pages and menu. Added many new significant railroad bridges.

2018-0217 - Link Fixes. Many of the County Maps did not display correctly. These have been fixed.

2018-0105 - Research. The Research Section, which Don Meints maintains, has received its annual update. Also added is a cross reference section.  My thanks to Don for keeping this curfrent.

2017-0901 - Maritime. A new "Maritime in Michigan" page has been added to the "More" Menu with links to Marine Traffic Ship Finder and the BoatNerd.com website.

2017-0815 - Historical Markers. The list of railroad related historical markers has been updated with about six additional markers added to the list. Access via the Railroad History menu.

2017-0809 - News Feeds. RSS News Feeds have been added to the bottom of "Today's Railroads" and to the bottom of most railroad webpages. See the latest news articles about the railroad industry.

Instructions for Posting Photos on Discussion Boards. Instructions for posting photos on the discussion boards has been added to the Discussion page.

Passwords.  You do not need a password to view MichiganRailroads.com or to view the discussions board. The password login on the bottom of the home page is for administrative purposes for people editing pages. It is not for general use.  However, you WILL need a password to POST to a Discussion Board page. To receive a password to post on a Discussion Board, send your 1) Desired Username, 2) Desired Password, 3) Email address and 4) your real first and last name to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  It may take me a week or two to add your username to BoardHost so please be patient.

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