Arenac County - 06

Station: Twining, MI

DM 481 at Twining MI

Twining DepotTwining was a station stop on the Detroit & Mackinac railroad between Tawas City and North Bay City.

Photo info: Top, a photo of Detroit & Mackinac 481 pulling a Nixon presidential campaign train at Twining in 1960. [Harold Frye]. 2nd photo, a photo of the D&M Twining depot. [Alan Loftis collection]


Time Line

1903. January 22. The D&M passenger train due here at 10:50 this morning had a rare experience between Omer and Twining. The engineer saw a deer grazing on the track ahead of the train and as the animal heard the train coming, it pricked up its ears and started to run down the track. It did not gauge the speed of the train, however, and the engine overtook it, tossing it into a ditch. The train stopped, the deer put on board and brought to (Bay City), its back and hind legs were broken. [DFP-1903-0122]

1927. This station was staffed with an operator during the day shift. [ETT-1927]


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