Car Builders - Other companies

Au Sable Car Works, Au Sable, MI. Builds cars for logging industry. Owned by H.M. Lou's Sons Company. Begin in 1906. [AML-1/13/1906]

Boyne City, Gaylord & Alpena - Boyne City car shops.  Built most of their wooden flat and box cars.  [CB]

Butterworth and Lowe at Grand Rapids (made thousands of logging cars) [CB]

Cadillac City Iron Works.  Built Shay locomotives in late 1870's and early 1880's.  [SMcD]

Chicago & West Michigan Railroad shops at Muskegon [CB]

Detroit Car Company.  [HWC]

Detroit Car and Manufacturing Company.  [HWC]

Detroit, Lansing & Northern Railroad shops at Ionia [CB]

Detroit Locomotive Works (1850's).  Built locomotives for the Michigan Central.  [Detroit Free Press, 5/27/1855, 11/11/1855, 8/12/1857 in the index at theBurton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library][HWC]

Detroit Street Railway.  [HWC]

Grand Rapids & Indiana shops at Grand Rapids [CB]

Grand Trunk Railroad in Detroit.  [HWC]

Grand Trunk Port Gratiot "Block I" Car Shops, Port Huron (1882-destroyed by fire in 1913)

Grand Trunk Port Huron Car Shops (1918-2001)

Michigan Central Railroad.  [HWC]

Michigan Iron Works at Cadillac (made 7-8 locomotives including the Henderson Shay) [SMcD}

Michigan Iron Works at Grand Rapids (made 4 chain driven geared locomotives in 1878) [CB]

Michigan-Peninsular Car Co., Detroit (1892-1899, became part of American Car and Foundry Co.)  [CB]

Muskegon Car and Engine Works (locomotives as well as freight, passenger cars and MOW cars) [CB]

Pullman Company, The - Detroit. 

Russell Wheel & Foundry Co. of Detroit (made thousands of logging cars) [HWC][CB]


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