Relics and Ruins: Dickenson County (22)

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Relic: C&NW Bridge to Niagara, Wisconsin over the Menominee River, Quinnesec

Location: On the CN Niagara Branch over the Menominee Rover

What's There: 320 feet (x 18') steel through truss bridge on concrete piers. This route served the Kimberly-Clark paper mill in Niagra, Wisconsin (now closed)

Longitude/Latitude: 45o46.483'N - 88o 59.180'W

Vision: ...a C&NW switch engine huffs up the grade with paper products in box cars, headed for the interchange in Quinnesec

Relic: CMStP&P Bridge over the Menominee River

Location: On the MILW bridge south of Kingsford (state line) over the Menominee River

What's There: 180 foot steel arch span with two sets of steel deck girder approach spans - 330' total in length, all resting on concrete piers and abutments.

Longitude/Latitude: 45o46.840'N - 88o 03.428'W

Vision: ...a MILW freight train heads into Wisconsin from Michigan.

Relic: Iron Mountain Chicago & North Western Depot

Location: West side of S. Stephenson Avenue, south of E. Ludington Street

What's There: Old passenger station, now a retail business

Longitude/Latitude: 45o49.192'N - 88o 03.931'W

Vision: ...a C&NW passenger training bringing iron miners to the iron range.

Relic: Iron Mountain Milwaukee Road Depot

Location: On the E&LS right of way, between B and C streets in Iron Mountain

What's There: Old passenger station, unoccupied.

Longitude/Latitude: 45o49.031N - 88o 03.989W

Vision: ...the MILW Copper Country Limited stops here, enroute to Calumet in the copper range.

Relic: Wisconsin & Michigan railroad underpass

Location: On the CN right-of-way, just west of Sturgeon (south of Loretto)

What's There: Remnants of the W&M underpass under the old C&NW right of way.

Longitude/Latitude: 45o46.090N - 87o 49.699W

Vision: ...a northbound W&M train emerges from the underpass, blowing smoke from its stack going up the grade to Loretto with ore empties. 


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