Station: Traverse City, MI - M&NE Facilities

xxxxxxxxThe Manistee & Northeastern railroad was one of three railroads serving Traverse City. The depot was located west of downtown at Second and Union Streets.

Photo Info: The M&NE depot, just before demolition. [Stoner collection, UMB]


Time Line

1894. The severest storm in the memory of the oldest inhabitant has raged here today. Icy sleet and rain has caused a suspension of outdoor labor and much damage has been sustained. An extensive washout occurred on the M&INE this morning at the beach about 1/4 mile from this city. The severity of the storm has necessitated the attention of workmen the entire day to prevent a more serious break. Showers of spray have been thrown over 100 feet on the shore of the bay. [DFP-1894-0519]

1902. The body of James Callum, section foreman of the M&NE at Empire was discovered yesterday morning in deep water at the dock here at Traverse City. The body was standing upright, as though walking, a cigar still in its mouth, although he had evidently been dead several hours. A bottle of whisky was found in his pocket. Callum was seen wandering about the vicinity of the dock in an intoxicated condition. [PHDH-1902-0902]

1910. August 16. Fearing an injunction which would prevent a laying of a side track across Bay and Union streets, the M&NE railroad today put on a force of 28 men and by night had the track completed. The track leads to the Northern Michigan Transportation company's dock and will enable the M&NE to load fruit directly from the boats into cars. [DFP-1910-0817]


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