Station: Interlochen, MI

Interlochen Depot and TowerInterlochen Depot and Tower Interlochen was settled about 1890 as a crossing of the Manistee & Northeastern and the Chicago & West Michigan. The renowned Interlochen Art Academy, formally known as National Music Camp, was begun here in 1927.

Both railroads crossed here and the crossing was controlled by an interlocking tower.

Photo info: Top, the crossing of both railroad lines in Interlochen, including the interlocking tower and Union station. 2nd photo, the same location with a train taking on passengers around 1890. [Traverse Area District Library].


Interlochen was laid out by ex-Judge E. E. Benedict of Manistee. Water supplied by Green Lake and the head waters from Betsey River power the machinery for a saw and shingle mill, which is being stocked and operated by Hale & Daily of Bear Lake.

Time Line

1901. The citizens are excited over several smallpox cases. The disease broke out in a lumber camp one mile from town and seven were stricken. The camp was quarantined but the workingmen protested. Health Officer Hopkins brought the infected people to town and located them in a building near the depot. A wild time ensued and a riot was imminent. The Pere Marquette and the Manisee & Northeastern railroads decided to strike Interlochen off the schedule unless the cases are removed further from the depot by tomorrow. Two cases are confined in the town hall and one of them is very bad and likely to die. [DFP-1901-0505].

1903. The crossing is protected by an interlocking tower. US&S Co. [MCR-1904]

1906: A new water station was erected by the Pere Marquette here. [PMAR-1906]

1921. In the Matter of Complaint against the Pere Marquette Railroad Company and the Manistee & North Eastern Railroad Company for Failure to Install a Telephone in the Union Depot at Interlochen, Michigan. T-349. April 19, 1921.

Application having been made to this Commission for an order di reciting continuance of telephone service in the Union station at Interlochen, Michigan, in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 383 of the Public Acts of Michigan for the year 1913 and this Commission having caused said complaint to be investigated by John J. Norman, Chief Telephone Inspector, who has reported the result of his investigation to this Commission, together with recommendations, from which it appears that said depot is a Union station at the junction of the Pere Marquette and the Manistee and North Eastern Railroads and that said telephone should be continued for the benefit of the general public and the patrons of said railroad companies and is a matter of public convenience and necessity;

Now, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, By the Michigan Public Utilities Commission:

That, effective May 15, 1921, said Pere Marquette Railroad Company and said Manistee and North Eastern Railroad Company be and they are hereby directed to maintain a telephone in the Union station at Interlochen, Michigan, the same to be maintained until September 15, 1921, or until the further order of the Commission, said telephone to be connected with the telephone lines of the Grawn Telephone Company.



  • Hale & Dailey Shingle Mill



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