Timetable: NYC - Old Road - Airline Junction to B/Elkhart

This was the original Lake Shore main line from Toledo to Chicago until the Air Line was built directly through northern Ohio and Indiana. Station hours and siding capacity as of 1918, 44' car lengths.

Station MP from Toledo Notes
Toledo    DN 
Broadway    DN I J
Swan Creek    DN I J
Z Tower (Air Line Jct) xYard 1.9  DN I TC=Z 
Vulcan Tower xTT   DN I TC=VN 
Richards  5.6  P69
Sylvania, OH  10.2  D TC=SY P77
Ottawa Lake, MI  14.9  D P59 TC=KA 
Riga Junction xDTI  
Riga  20.1  D P21 TC=NK 
Blissfield  22.2  DN W P69 TC=BN 
Grovsenor xNYC 24.8  D X J TC=GS 
Palmyra  26.4  D TC=PY 
Lenawee Junction  28.2  DN J Yard P72 TC=WA 
WB Tower xWab   DN I TC=WB 
Adrian  32.4  W T Yard P58 TC=AN 
DT&I Crossing xDTI  
Cadmus  40.0  D P23 TC=CM 
Clayton  43.4  D P67 TC=CN 
Hudson  49.8  D W P34 TC=HN 
Pittsford  56.1  D P67 TC=FR 
Osseo  59.9  D P30 TC=HK 
Hillsdale  65.7  DN J W DS Yard P75 TC=D 
Fort Wayne Junction xNYC 69.6  I Yard TC=JX 
Jonesville  70.2  D J W Yard P38 TC=JO 
Allen  75.3  D 23 TC=A 
Quincy  81.8  D P31 TC=CY 
Coldwater  88.2  W Yard P39 TC=C 
Batavia  93.4  D P50 TC=BA 
Bronson  98.9  D P54 TC=BR 
Burr Oak 105.7  D P70 TC=UR 
Sturgis 111.9 D W Yard P19 TC=RS
RK Tower xGRI xG&M 112.0 DN TC=RK 
Klinger Lake  117.5  D P41 TC=ND 
White Pigeon, MI 123.6  DN J W Yard P49 TC=GN 
Vistula, IN  129.0  D P47 TC=CD 
Bristol  134.1  DN P49 TC=KS 
Morehouse  138.2  P42 
B Elkhart xNYC   DN I J TC=B
Elkhart 142.4 DN Yard TC=RT

Key: BB=Bascule Bridge | C=Coal | CS=Car Shop | D=Open > Day | DN=Open Day and night | DS=Dispatcher | DT=Double Main Track | EH=Engine house | F=Diesel Fuel | HI=Half Interlocked Crossing | I=Interlocked Crossing | J=Junction | LB=Lift bridge | N=Open at night | P=Passing Track w/40' car capacity | Q=Quarry | RH=Roundhouse # stalls | RT=Railroad Resort | S=Scales | SB=Swing bridge | T=Turntable | TC=Telegraph call | W=Water | X=Crossing | Y=Wye | Yard=Yard


Riga Jct: This was an automatic interlocking.

Blissfield: Had a 1,040 foot standpipe track and water station.

Grovsnor: This was originally a crossing of the Canada Southern line from Grosse Isle to Fayette, IN. The line was pulled up east of Grovsnor leaving the Fayette Branch which was a junction instead of a crossing.

East of Adrian. Michigan Railroad Commissioner Rich had advised the LS&MS to allow the six miles of Erie & Kalamazoo track in Palmyra, Lenawee Cpunty, which is it holding, to revert to the owners of adjoining lands. (The line was no longer used when the Jackson Branch was used instead between Palmyra and Lenawee Junction). The Commissioner also instructed the LS&MS to apply for a charter for the trac which it is operating from Palmyra switch to Lenawee junction. [Alma Record, 2/11/1887]

DT&I Crossing: In Adrian, this tower controlled the crossing. It was staffed during the day, and then not at all - levers being thrown by the train crew. This tower had an intercom line with WB Tower nearby.

Hudson: The Cincinnati Northern crossed under this line here. There was reportedly no rail connection between the two lines. Hudson also has a old stone bridge which still exists.

Hillsdale: The NYC dispatcher was located here in an office building which still exists east of the depot. The Detroit, Hillsdale and Southwestern Ry. came through here going west to Bankers. This line may have initially crossed the Old Road but quickly became a junction point, with the NYC using the DH&SW line southwest to reach the Fort Wayne line. Hillsdale was a major junction point for the Michigan Division of the NYC.

Jonesville was the junction which began the Northern Michigan Ry., which became the Lansing Branch of the LSMS/NYC. It left the main line going north just west of downtown Jonesville.

White Pigeon was a junction point with the Kalamazoo Branch.

Vistula was the first station in Indiana. In the 1950's, the NYC signaled the line from Three Rivers south through White Pigeon, Vistula, south to B.

B Elkhart: This was the junction with the Air Line main line. Prior to the 2010's, the Old Road actually crossed the westbound LS&MS in an interlocked crossing and switched into the eastbound main and then into Elkhart Yard.

Time Line

1852. The Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana railroad operates one round-trip passenger train during the winter months. The eastbound train leaves LaPorte at 7:30 am, arriving at Toledo and Monroe at 5:45 pm. The westbound leaves both Monroe and Toledo at 8:15 am arriving at LaPorte at 6:30 pm. They pass at Hillsdale at 1:25 pm.

1899. February. The LS&MS railroad operates four westbound and five eastbound trains each day. They include an accommodation (local), two express and one mail train. [HS-1899-0214]


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