Railroad: Hecla Belt Line Railroad Company

Built (1902)Hecla Belt Line RR CoBay City & Battle Creek Ry in 1912MCRR

Built: 1902 by Hecla Portland Cement investors

Became: Bay City & Battle Creek Railway in 1912

Reference: [MRRC]

The Hecla Belt Line Railroad Company was built by the owners of the Hecla Portland Cement Company, which had a plant on the north shore of the Saginaw River, at what is now the east end of Wilder Road in North Bay City.

The purpose of the railroad was to bring coal from the Wenona and Auburn areas east to the plant, as well as marl and shale from Ogemaw County (via the Michigan Central at Wenona) to the plant to be used in the production of Portland Cement.

Over its ten years of operation, the plant was a financial failure and operations discontinued about 1912 and the equipment and property sold off. The railroad was conveyed to the Bay City & Battle Creek railroad (a Michigan Central subsidiary which also ran from near Wenona Yard west to Midland).


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