Station: Horton, MI (Jackson County)

LSMS Horton MI DepotLSMS Horton MI DepotHorton was settled in southwest Jackson County about 1832. A flour mill was built here in 1842 and the village patted in 1844. The town was called Baldwin Hills and Baldwin's but renamed Horton i 1874.

It was a station on the Jackson & Fort Wayne railroad line about four miles northeast of Hanover.

Photo Info: Top, an old photo of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern depot at Horton. [Alan Loftis collection]. 2nd photo, a 2003 view of the depot, now used as a party store. [Alan Loftis]

Time Line

1882. Frank Dusenberry, a brakeman on the Fort Wayne & Jackson railroad, tried to get on the rear end of his train while it was backing, slipped and was run over and instantly killed at Horton about 7 o'clock this evening March 13. He made his home in Horton. [DFP-1882-0314]