Location: Jackson, MI - Pearl Street Tower

Pearl Street Tower, Jackson, MIPearl Street Tower, Jackson, MIPearl Street Tower, Jackson, MI NYC 5347 at Pearl Street MC Pearl Street Tower MC Pearl Street Tower Pearl Street Tower in Jackson controlled the Michigan Central main line, the branch north to Grand Rapids and Saginaw, and the freight lead to industries in downtown Jackson.

Pearl Street also remotely controlled the eastbound main line approach signal at Steward Street, and the southbound approach signal at Monroe Street on the Grand Rapids branch. [CTT-1947]

Photo info: Top and 2nd photos, the interlocking tower. This tower was closed shortly after these photos were taken in 1963 and remote controlled by the XN operator at Jackson's depot. 3rd photo, showing the interlocking limits. The two tracks at the left are the MC/ NYC main line and the track closest to the tower is the freight lead which services some industry to the west of the tower downtown. The track diverging at the bottom left is the Grand Rapids/Saginaw branch. Jackson's depot is about 1/4 mile farther down th track at the left. The road crossing in front of the tower is Cooper Street. Pearl crosses diagonally. [All, Doug Leffler collection]; 4th photo, New York Central locomotive 5347 pulls east up the incline at Pearl Street. This train is arriving from Grand Rapids or Bay City. 1950's. [Doug Leffler collection]. 5th photo, the interlocking in 1951. Note the west bound train in the distance. 6th photo, an enlargement of the same photo. [Both, W. C. Hommerding, Doug Leffler collection]

Time Line

1917. The MC had an operator-towerman here around-the-clock. [TRT]

1931. The MPUC approves changes to the Pearl Street Interlocking Plant in Jackson. Home signals will change from a two-arm semaphore type signal to a three unit color light type signal. Signal No. 753 will be substituted with a signal bridge spanning three tracks and equipped with three unit color light type signals. [MPUC-1931]