Station: Rives Junction, MI

Rives Junction was settled about 1834 about eleven miles north of downtown Jackson in Jackson County. It was also called West Rives for its location in Rives Township. It was also called Eaton Rapids Junction but renamed Rives Junction in 1866.

This was a junction of the northbound Michigan Central line from Jackson to Grand Rapids (northwest) and Saginaw (northeast) branches which split here. A passing track was also located here between the two routes. For a time, the MC was double tracked from downtown Jackson to Rives Junction and it was controlled by directional automatic block signals. 

An interurban line also went north through Rives Junction and a power station building was located here. This brick building continues to exist as of 2014.

Time Line

1886. Sheriff McKernan of Ingham County was riding a southbound train, heading for a connection at Rives Junction, so he could board a Grand Rapids-bound train to search for a female burglar. He fell asleep before reaching Rives Junction. He rushed to the door and jumped from the moving train injuring himself severely internally. He was brought to Jackson and cared for. The physician reports him in a very critical condition and states that unless he rallied soon there is scarcely any hopes of his recovery. [DFP-1886-0527]

1917. The MC had an operator-agent here around-the-clock. [TRT]

1924. A new interlocking plant was installed by the MC at Rives Jct. It had 22 upper quantrant semaphores. It was installed by US&S and was the T-2 type, d.c. [RSC-1925] It was likely installed in the depot, as no tower has been noted.